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Note: the original, 1980's bulletin section is currently unavailable.

July 2022 - Whack! Whack! Canadian industry minister, consumer lobbies, NDP have strong reaction following Rogers internet downtime.

   - Public Interest Advocacy Centre sends nasty letter to CRTC demanding an explanation.

Late June - Ukraine becomes a candidate for EU membership

DOJ officials say Trump pressed them to say that the 2020 election was flawed.

Late 2021: House subcommittee holds Mark Meadows, other Trumpists in contempt

Government of Canada is bogged down trying to assist former Afghan helpers wishing to leave their country; as of mid-December only a fraction of the target group had reached sanctuary

October 13, 2021 - William Shatner makes sub-orbital flight aboard Blue Origin mission NS-18 (Wikipedia link)

August - Kabul, Afghanistan taken over by Taliban factions (Wikipedia link)

February 2021 - Three separate space missions arrive on Mars (New Scientist)

October 2020 - Facebook Corp. hauled onto the rug in Washington D.C.; Zucked author Roger McNamee appears on CNN

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Correction -

Feb. 12, 2019 - WIRED magazine publishes article by Steven Levy about Facebook:

Virus update: this 2012 item in Nature touched on some of the ethical issues surrounding recent coronavirus research:

We have also heard of... leaks at virus labs all over the world, eg. research establishments in the category had a spotty record long before COVID-19

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