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About The System

Stelex is a bulletin board system which dates back to the early 1980's. It was also an experiment with electronic memories and "born digital" content. BBS's usually contained text files of news and information, and "electronic mail" (messages between the system's users) stored on the operator's computer. You could download and upload various files - there would be a some sort of "login" protocol, and user listings and logs.  Many systems offered games and text-based "chat" between users. "Help" files and downloadable user guides and other attempts at documentation explained what was available, and provided suggestions as to how you ought to proceed when you were in a particular "room", compartment or section of the the overall system.

BBS's were often associated with computer clubs or other groups-of-early-adopters of the technology, and the largest systems like CompuServe had areas that catered to (and were often run by) such groups.*


  *CompuServe was originally packaged as a sort of box with login instructions and a book that resembled a user guide.

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