Other Boards Section

One of the largest file collections on the original Stelex system, the Other Boards Section or 'OBS' covered the fast-moving development of hardware and software in the BBS and mobile computing category; the first mentions of "the internet" and "cellular" came up in the early 1990's.

We had information about CompuServe and other large systems and there were "sample logins" to various computer systems all over North America. Like this one to one of Ward Christensen's boards.


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There is an entry for Ward Christensen in the Wikipedia English web pages. An interesting article by Rey Barry (external link) touches on Ward's command structure, especially the (S)can down or (S)ummary command.

More bulletin files to be posted. I'm not *totally* wild about the phpBB software but the ability to display bulletins and graphics is very cool. Last updated June 6, 2019. - Roman