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Mid-December 2022 notes: according to an item on CBS's "60 Minutes" program on Dec. 11, there are a couple of major lawsuits pending that involve big social media companies like "Meta"/Facebook.

Early November - The avatars have no legs! Reviews of the Metaverse and its expensive head sets are less than glowing - see (nytimes dot com, slash) 2022/11/04/opinion/facebook-meta-zuckerberg-virtual-reality.html

Early video clips of the stuff on Youtube appeared to be jerky and devoid of content


Sept. 24 - An article in 'Blind Magazine' (dot com) suggested that big companies like Canon and Nikon are reducing R&D and further development in the DSLR cameras category.

Late August news - Big flooding in Pakistan dampens nuclear program there. So let them eat
yellowcake??? Despite the obvious, all-too-evident problem with national priorities the flooding appeared to be an unparalleled disaster.

July - Whack! Whack! Strong reaction from industry minister, consumer lobbies, NDP in aftermath of Rogers internet downtime.


An online Google ad quoted one of Accenture's group leaders as saying that the Metaverse "will be bigger than the digital transformation". Welcome to Hype City.